Bling it on!

A bling is a bling. The party wear season is always on. So, this is a game changer. Have a plate full of sequins and marry it with a red lipstick and you are on.

The red gown is beautiful and will make for a very nice dress for the party. I love this dress because it makes her look tall and slender. We all are always on the move to try and find such a dress.

Hello! ripped jeans

Hello! ripped jeans. Yes, ripped jeans for the summer is a staple. Bring home the ripped jeans and be happy. You might think what is a ripped jean! A ripped jean is a jean which is tattered, torn and used many times over.

Ripped jeans? Whats that?

You know it by now what is a ripped jean pant. So, it is easier to understand how to wear your ripped jeans. The method is written below:

Wear your own ripped jeans with a simple white tshirt.

Wear your regular shoes and see how it looks. It spells cool.

It will take sometime to understand how to look good in a ripped jean. It is hot in the summers so wear less clothes and wear cotton. It is good for your skin to wear light clothes.

I love wearing cotton because it soaks heat. It is humid in Kolkata (Calcutta). My nail polish chips too! But that is a lost issue. Im here to write about my new ripped jean pant.

For men to look smart in a ripped jean you will have to be edgy. See the picture above. My God! He looks hot in it too! I love to see a ripped jean with a white shirt buttoned up. In the picture above you see the boy with open shirt and white ripped jean.

I would love to date this boy because he is wearing a ripped jean with a scarf on his neck, black boots and his navy blue shirt.

Urban Botanicals- Product review

Hello everyone, this post will be a product review on Urban Botanicals Aloe Vera gel. I have a product here, it is aloe vera gel. It is a very good product because it is real thick aloe vera gel. I love this product because it is easy to apply and you will get the real goodness of aloe vera.

I took the product and applied on my face, neck and hands. It worked for me. The product is very good and the packaging is good too. It is good to see that there is a product which can be used daily without any skin irritation. It is a soothing gel too.

Aloe vera has many properties which are good for your skin so try this new product from Urban botanicals and have a good day!

Thank you.

Summer Coolers

Hello everyone! This is my post on summer must haves. It is summer and we all know it. So, I have here the summer coolers which will start and end your days in summer.


First I go towards the sun. Block the sun with your wayfarers.

Wayfarers are an easy way to keep your eyes off the sun. Protect your eyes with wayfarers. They are simple and effective. Wayfarers look good with boyish clothes. Wear jean shorts and tshirt and your sunglasses are good to go.


where are your make up brushes? Come on, come out with them. Clean and dry them and use them for the summers. The sun is out so you need a basic makeup for it. Marry your foundation with sunscreen and apply it all over your face. Wear a compact powder and dab your face with it. You can manage that, can’t you? Yes you can.

Putt on a show with your pink lippies and carry a lip balm. Eye makeup is not required during the day so it looks good to me. It is required at night but always keep it basic or your eyes will bleed makeup.


Hey ya, we are ready with our own denim shorts. We like it and we get it. Summer time is known for heat and rough weather. If it is humid, you are in danger.

Put out your summer shorts and be ready for the summer. Oh! how I love the shorts in summer. It is trendy and comfortable.

The classic white shirt

The classic white shirt is all I am thinking of right now. It is cool to say that you are wearing a jean and the classic white shirt. It can be added to shorts and skirts and you are looking fabulous all the time.

The white shirt has gained momentum and we are happy that it has come back like this. All big fashion houses are going for it and wearing it tucked in for a smarter look.

The white shirt can be worn with jeans, leather pants or skirts. It is basic and it is classic. So, I love it.

How to wear:

Wear it with jeans or shorts.

Heels are a must.

Keep the makeup basic.

All international fashion houses and bloggers are liking this white shirt. It should be a staple in your wardrobe. It can be reused many times.

It is a classic white shirt, it is cool to be classic. When I want to be cooler than the others, I opt for a basic white shirt and jeans. Shorts are a must in this hot humid weather. In this summer, I will always for a white shirt and shorts. I am not fat so it is alright for me to be bold.

The old pale jeans can come back to your wardrobe, and you can wear it again and again.

For men it is a cool option. They can wear it as formals, smart casuals or a basic end game. Follow t Hemsworth for this look. Formals are the best way to carry off this look with loafers on your feet. I also love this jean and white shirt look.

They are just meant to be together. You might ask who? I say why the perfect classic white shirt and jeans combo.

Thank you for reading.

What About Nails!

I love calling myself a nail fadatic. They are my show offs. I paint my nails all the time. I will teach you how to do nails in this blog post of mine.

Flowery nail art, plaid tattoos on nails and many other kinds of nail art look good on my nails. You should see it to believe it. I can influence you one hundred times to see my nail tattoos.

How to wear a nail tattoo?

Firstly, do a manicure

Secondly, kiss your nails and start the art

Thirdly, do a nail art and put a clear nail polish on it

Fourthly, show your glowy nails. You can also fix a nail tattoo on your nails with an adhesive.

Nothing but Boots!

Boots are my new winter favourite. Forgive your wallet and buy two new boots this winter. I love the collection of boots in Chanel. I would love to own a Chanel boot someday, till now my old boots from a small shop in Calcutta will do.

Well, now its torn and tattered so I am definitely looking for my next boot to up my look from here. I am testing the waters if they are too deep. The boots which are made for walking are good. They stand apart. They are beautiful and cool.

Who wants a piece of boot? Me, me, me.

Chanel boots are oh so fabulous! I love my old ones because they happen to fit me well. I love all kinds of boots, heels, no heels, everything.

So, next time when I am high on boots again, I need to grab my purse and buy a pair of boots.

Okay guys, till then bye.

Swimsuit- The supremo

This is the bikini- the supremo. I love the bikini. It is a supreme garment. It is the most versatile garment. It can be worn as a swimsuit, as a bodysuit, with a sarong, with jean.

Such a sport! It is a garment where you can show a lot of skin and also show dignity. I love the bikini.

The bikini is a swimsuit made for the beach. You are lounging at the beach then go for the bikini. You are swimming then go for a swimsuit.

How to wear a bikini. :

It is a beach wear. It is cool. It is a half garment. It is stylish. Look at all the pictures, you will only see style.

  • Wax the bikini line.
  • Put on a show with a bikini
  • Wear a single toned bikini if you are not in the mood for colours
  • Whatever the reason, wear a print
  • And show off some skin

My red lipstick

oh! How I love my red lipstick. It is red. It is fire. It is sure fire. Red is red. It is love and passion. It is fantastic!

Red is the ultimate colour for my lips. Red signifies love and passion, it is also a symbol of the heart. My heart beats for red.  My red lips and red heart are together. 

I particularly love the scarlet red. I recently purchased a Loreal lipstick. I love the  colour. 

It is peculiar when I wear red, it is ambitious. The colour is so good that I wear it everytime.

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