Get Rs. 20 off on Nua Pads!

Get Rs.20 off on Nua pads by using promocode MADHULINA20. It is valid for 2 packs and first time orders and not available on subscription.

So, how to get the Rs. 20 off? You only have to use this promo code MADHULINA20 on your first order of upto 2packs on the site and avail the discount.

While I opened my first nua pad today, i saw a large pad coming out of the nicely shaped, clean paper bag. I thought for a while that did i make a mistake in buying this large pad with four wings? Then as I put it on, it was very soft and gave me a rash free skin unlike other brands in the market.

There are other types of pads in nua which are available in 3 sizes. First is for heavy flow, second is for medium flow and the third is for lesser flow. So, what I did was buy the first one for heavy flows. I didin’t understand the first time that it is not for my periods. Because the pad is too big for me. As it was for the first time, I didnt know which one to choose. So, I chose the heavier flow pad. Next time, I am sure I will choose the medium flow one to suit my flow.

And there is another thing with nua packs, you are allowed to fill the pack with 12 pads which is a minimum and also the maximum. So, fill it up with 3 types of pads that are available and enjoy the difference. And please do not forget to put the promo code while shopping for nua pad from

Oh yes, and it has a beautiful fragrance to it too! So, when I compared my nua pad with the other pads available in the market, I was surprised to find that nua pads are much better than them.

Now, I swear by nua.

Thank you. Happy reading!

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