What is Nua?

Yes, So, I bought this Nua pack of 12 pads at Rs. 200. Yes, you heard it right, it is a pad. When you have periods, it is a healthy way of saying that you are a woman. So, I always acknowledge the fact that I have it and I talk about it. By talking about periods we think that we have solutions to most problems of life, specially, periods.

There is this company called Nua which makes pads in three sizes for heavy flow, medium flow and light flow. You need to buy a pack of 12 pads from the website nuawoman.com

I vouch for this Nua pad because it is good and has better capacity of holding you in those days. Customize your pack, quantity and delivery frequency with no compromises, and no complications. It is a good way of saying bye to rashes and uncomfort and yes to soft, rash free comfortable skin.

“Set up your Nua subscription in just two easy steps. Share your period details with us and say good-bye to last minute troubles. Your custom Nua pack will be delivered to you, regularly, as per your chosen frequency. You can skip or pause your subscription at any moment. Or you can buy as you go with our one-time purchases.”–Nuawoman

I will always recommend nuawoman because it is very good and soft. They are ultra thin pads for every woman. It is my choice. Is it yours too?

Then mail me at madhulinasur.10x@gmail.com,

“Ultra thin pads with wings

12 pads | Starts at ₹ 169*
* Inclusive of individual disposal covers and customisation. Free home delivery. Rash free sanitary pads with wider backs and disposal covers for a hassle-free and rash-free period experience.

Build your custom pack based on your flow.

I have never felt so easy after wearing a Nua pad. It is super thin and comfortable. I love Nua and I hope that you do too!

Thank you for reading!

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