ICC World Cup at Kenilworth in Calcutta

ICC World cup will get the better of you and you would want to sip at one of the best hotels in town. We choose this hotel for you called the Kenilworth in 1 and 2 russell street. Okay. So you will have to wet your tongue with this Bacardi and some chicken at the restaurant by watching your favourite cricket.

Kenilworth’s sheesh kababs are the best in Kolkata, previously called Calcutta. After a change in the government, a change in the names of places and our capital city also took place. We love how Calcutta became Kolkata, but our very own Calcutta too was fine. We love our heritage and we love its ambience too. Our city of gold stands in front of us, our heritage also is our property and our property is Calcutta, its absence from its culture will never be worthwhile for us. So, we are all Calcuttans.

Cocktails at only 600rs. will not only make you go round in pleasure and happiness but also bring a spin on your head. From Defending champion cocktail is a mix of: white rum, fresh mango, mint and a hint of vanilla. Similarly bleed blue has tequila, sambuca, blue caracua, with sweet and sour mix.

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