Purplle- The Joy Store

I have found the best face pack in the world which perfectly suits my skin and that is from Lotus Herbals. I never thought that Lotus would make such a great product for me. I am totally loving my face routine now. The fragrant scrub, the facepack and the souffle totally refreshes my skin. I love how it works for me.

This wonderful pack of five last a month. Use wisely and you get a lot of good things for your skin. It is definitely my joy store. I love my skin as it exudes freshness and is squeaky clean after the process.

How I love this pack of Ikkai face products from Lotus Herbals. It is perfect for my skin and I owe it to Lotus for making my skin glow from time to time.

Now, for the WetnWild pink lipgloss, it is beutifully clear pink gloss and I can pout in them sexily. I love this clear gloss because it makes my lips go naturally plump. It is not very costly, starting at Rs. 149.

What’s this? A nivea lip care lip crayon in various colours? I love it. O! how I love this red lip crayon from Nivea. It is upgrading its products and it totally suits my lips. I bought a fuchsia pink lip crayon, I could not find the picture on the net, What I found on Purplle, my joy store because you you get this ikkai Lotus Herbals face products only on this website, I put this picture of pop red nivea lip crayon on my blog. I couldnot find my pink nivea lip crayon picture on the net.

Last, but not the least, I found the perfect face mist on Purplle. It is very apt to say that after using the face pack and scrub and the souffle, what I need is a finishing rose face mist for my skin. It is a finishing product. It is not chemically made but has the essence of pure rose. I absolutely love my purchases from this skincare website. It gives me everything from lipcare to skin care.

Thank you Purplle! Happy reading!

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