The X Factor in Fashion

This picture spells a lot about fashion and the x factor we all are looking for. This picture has everything from fashion, this beautiful girl looks best in it. From wearing a scarf to holding fashionable sunglasses and the famous red pout. The mould of the scarf is too good, the scarf is worn over her head and tied around her neck.

How to be like her:

I have often wondered whether it is going to work on me. I have seen fashion pictures a lot and trying different styles is a must. Now in this picture there is a printed scarf, a pair of fashionable sunglasses and the red lipstick.

  • Buy a printed scarf from anywhere. Buy a bright coloured one. Wear it like the picture above.
  • The red lipstick is a must.

This picture has ethnicity in it, it shows a different culture, a fashion figure in itself. The head scarf is worn like a turban. It looks good on the lady who is wearing it. This picture has african accents.

I love these two pictures very much. So, I took the pictures from the internet and posted it with words. They are beautiful and I love them.

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