The Shadow

Sitting on a chair in the verandah of her house, her eyes met with a seashell necklace that her lover had made sometime back. Oh! how pretty it was. It felt like an oasis in the desert. Her arms stretching to get the necklace which was thrown away on the ground when they made love. It was passionate, and very easy to confirm that they were in love.

It was dark and she knew nothing until she saw a man on the street of Goa, smoking a cigarette. Far away from her, she could only see a silhouette of the man and the smoke from his cigarette.

Her mind was engrossed in the thought of her love when the silhouette moved. The smoke got deeper from his cigarette. Thoughts of her lover filled her mind slowly increasing with the want of wearing the necklace again. It was very beautiful with red stones attached to it, and she loved the sea shells in it too.

The mind got deeper and her thoughts were barrier to the man whom she couldn’t see on the streets. The back of the man became visible to her when she looked on the street below. He turned away from her. The man in the street was shadowed by the house he kept looking at.

The girl concentrated on the thoughts of her charming lover, who was nearly choked by her kisses in the evening. The shadow of the man came closer to her when the girl picked up the necklace and wore it on her slender neck.

Her thoughts revolved around how they would meet again. How she would touch his lips and kiss him again. The man and the the darkness around him had a duel. They fought each other till he suddenly started moving forward towards her. The girl did not see the man coming from the other side of the lane.

She thought the lover stood around somewhere with his arms open and she would lay her palms around his chest. He would hold her and see her rest her soul, snuggling in his chest for a while till his sweater felt the ease.

The man in the street came close to her house when she betrayed her thoughts and looked at the man in front of her. The darkness and the smoke of the cigarette grew close and closer to her. He started drawing deeper and deeper from the cigarette. He knew why he was around. His silhouette had turned into a shadow now. His legs kept moving forward and he knew it was what he had come for.

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