Donuts Here!

How old are you? Old enough to taste donuts! Yes, if you revive this old classic as a dessert then you are half way done with your summer. Have donuts when you are summer hungry.

They say donuts are sweeter than melons. Yes, it is sure fire. If you move a long way down the lane, you will have your mouth full of donut. It is chocolaty and it is fun.

My sweet tooth takes me to my search for donuts around calcutta. It is immeasurable pleasure to see and have donuts. Last time I had a donut and it was in Bangalore. Oh how sweet it was.

You are too attached to your sweet tooth and you know how to find your favourite sweet. Donuts are made with dough and the bread has some good things on themselves. It is sweet.

Donuts have different colours on them, from chocolate basics to cream filled fun, it is always good to look at. My mouth watering donut came from Dunkin Donuts. They are hugely successful brand for donuts.

Be lucky and have a donut!

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