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Hello everyone, this blog post is all about a typical Indian bazaar. It is a bazaar where we indians purchase everything. From hair clips to glass plates.. We have everything in this indian bazaar. Bazaar is a typical persian word which has been used in hindi as a place where buying and selling goes on. In this blog I’m going to write about new market which is in kolkata, a place where you find everything on the roadside, from chaats to lingerie, all will be displayed on roadside. It is a famous street shopping destination.

I am definitely writing about street shoping in this post of mine.

Wow! Girls I’m looking at this shopping haul of mine as a boon because I have purchased these items on the street. The hawkers queue around the side of Grand Oberoi at the esplanade. There are books, perfumes and dresses, salwar kameezes and also trackpants, all in two sides of the lane, it also stretches till new market area outside hogg market.

Many years ago I bought an second hand fashion magazine from a newmarket hawker. It was Vogue, a 10 year old magazine, I bought it and read it. It was a fabulous find. A magazine which gave me a taste of fashion, the American way. There was an interview of a famous actress whose name I’m forgetting. She was also a girl friend of Johnny Depp, I dnt know whether she was at that time. But yes, the interviewer and the writer, which can be both the same person wrote in a manner and described the ambience so well that I took up writing like her.

The street hawkers are mostly selling anything and everything at this Indian bazaar. I saw some dolls, skateboards and also toys which which cost a bare minimum of 250 rupees. All these gave a colourful air to the streets. Once or twice I thought of buying rubber bands for my hair, although I have short hair. So, those beautiful and soft rubber bands are waiting for my hair to grow long. I liked it that there was so many options for my hair.

So, the street shopping part of mine was that, I bought two salwar kurtas, one chappal and a baby dress for 250 rs each. The baby dress I had to gift to someone so I rechecked my choice with my family. And also at the end of the day my pocket money was over. I had no money to eat except for papdi chaat and lemon tea. Lemon tea was 10 rupees and a bit costly for me because we get lemon tea for rupees 2 at my native place, Purnea, Bihar.

I wanted to have two cups of the same tea but I had no money, not even 10 rupees in my purse.

So, I happily came home lusting for makeup too. Ya, we have makeup at lowest prices too. I promised myself that next time I will definitely go shopping in new market with a little more money and also buy makeup and stoles.

So, till then happy reading!

Lock down – Curfew

At the start of this pandemic called Corona virus, we are all home bound. Yes, our prime minister said “Stay home” and we did so without hesitation because it was an order to either work from home or stay home as a lockdown. So, we obeyed.

Now, what to do but stay home. Many office goers are finding it boring and many of us are scribbling on Facebook that they have nothing to do at home. People, this is the time to do something that you have forgotten really long time back or do something creative. I will suggest you to read books and enjoy your space. This is the time to cook, read books which are light and also see some comedy videos on YouTube and Netflix. I have started watching videos on YouTube of comedian Rahul subramaniam. He is one of the best I think in India. Even Vir das of Netflix is hilarious.

I have been spending my time reading blog topics and reading and structurizing my knowledge for some brands I need to know. As wi fi is free at home, I am watching lots of motivational videos by people, some good speeches by our women team of India 🇮🇳. Yes, I must say that they are very good. I can see confidence everywhere in these women who are not very highly qualified but are very reliable on their work space. I listened to Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai and also Sushmita Sen. I heard them speak, I also gathered from it a lot.

In my work space, I had been working from home since 2012 so it’s not a very different thing for me. But for all you guys and gals, yes, it’s difficult. You can do some free hand exercises or practice yoga to clear off the weekday stress of staying at home.

I must say, there is a lot of time at home now. There must be lost hobbies where you had them but could not pursue them because of your work. Do those at this time while you are staying at home. Students can chill out at home. See television and also  eat heathy. Sattu is a very good base food for the body. It’s a very good breakfast. Just mix two tea spoons of sattu and water with little bit of sugar and you are good to go. Eat healthy and feel healthy. Do some meditation and you are on a roll. This is the time to do it and keep yourself busy. Bye till then and have a good time reading my blog.

Happy reading guys! 👫👬👭

Eco fashion!

Eco fashion or sustainable fashion as its called, is a way to lessen pollution from garments. The garments that we wear are highly known for polluting our environment so some environmental friendly organisations have discovered non-polluting clothes and biodegradable fabrics to save our planet Earth and lets be honest, as French President Emmanuel Macron says, “we have only one planet”, we don’t have a Planet B, it means we have planet A as planet Earth and we don’t have any other planet to go to. So, it is better to make our planet pollution free.

While some of you are wondering what is the relation between clothes and pollution, the answer is that pollution is also caused by garments that we wear. The question you may ask is, “How to stop it?”We have the answer, it is sustainable fashion or eco-fashion.There is this fandom about slow fashion nowadays, it is about thinking organically about fashion. Fast fashion is the exact opposite of slow fashion and hence, not eco friendly. This is what we know about it. So, we try to think about the colours being organic, the clothes being sourced from a sustainable buyer and also that it biodegrades in the earth. It is about having one piece of garment and not several pieces of junk garments. Yes, you heard me correctly, junk garments. If there can be junk jewellery why can’t there be junk garments, which are just fads. So, i will term this fast fashion or fad fashion as junk fashion.

We need to challenge ourselves and stop buying this kind of fads. It includes garments which pollute the environment. There is always a choice and the only one who can make a change is you! You, the user and the buyer. So, stop buying junk fashion and start buying slow fashion.

Slow fashion leads the way to environment friendly products and researchers have already come up with fibres like jute, hemp, soybean etc and also milk that are used to make clothes. Yes, these fibres not only give us a new choice but also makes our planet healthier. So, we need to understand what is better for our planet. Buy cotton, wool and silk and maintain them, do not buy fads that last less than a season. Buy classics and keep them for better days to come. Recycle and reuse your clothes.

A true example of sustainability is the innovation of Saathi pads in India, these are organically made sanitary napkins for women. I am glad to know that we have progressed into eco friendly pads and they are biodegradable too. Wow! my most difficult days of the month will have some relief for the planet.

Happy reading!

Stories by Keerthi

Hello guys, back to my new post, Stories by Keerthi. Keerthi or Kittu as you know her is a photographer who learnt all her extra curriculars at school. She owes it to her school that she is a photographer today. And is doing well in the field as well. How about the fact that she is a wedding photographer and clicks for birthdays, ceremonies et al. She is creative and a wonderful person to meet.

So, lets meet this girl whose picture you have already seen at the beginning of my post. Yes, she is Keerthi, the maverick photographer and a friend.

Me: Hi Keerthi, Why not any other field but photography for you?

Keerthi:  firstly, photography is my passion from my school days. A photo can capture a moment or an emotion and it lasts forever, I am the one that captures that moment that feeling makes me happy. This the reason why I chose photography but before photography I have done few professions example teacher , dentistry, as a co-ordinator and event manger and so on. When I was in college, I never felt happy or satisfied by these other professions, this profession drives me and can utilise my calibre, potential, passion through creativity and innovation.

Me: Since when have you been doing this work? 

Keerthi: 7 years.

Me: What are your future plans?

Keerthi:  I want to be the top woman wedding photographer in india and the world and explore the world through photography.

Me: Say something about yourself. 

Keerthi: About my self, I am a girl from a very strict family ,born  and brought up, studied in Hyderabad. I have done my MBA and after that when I was doing freelancing and a few events I met a person named Praveen, he has been a great supporter. He is the one who gave the idea for Stotiesbykeerthi. He is the co-founder of this company and he handles total marketing and social media work. He is my motivator and this is how the Stoties by keerthi was born.

Me:How was your childhood and how it has helped you in who you are today? 

Keerthi: My childhood was good and awesome , I used to travel to my school from mothinagar to shivamroad nearly 1 hour journey from my home to school from 3 rd standard to 10th standard this is the first adventure part in my life and today what I am is only because of my schooling where I have learnt a lot of creative activities. In our school they taught us that creative activities play an equal role as studies. If they only teach to be bookish, then I would end up in some company as an employee for 9 -5 job,  but I am in a creative field only because of my school.

At the end, we will see some of her clicks! Have fun and keep reading!

My first job!

Hi, let’s start my story! I have been job hunting all my life. First, it was fashion then it reached to front office duties, my job search stories are unhappy ones. Being a fickle minded girl, I am always seeing the other side of the lane. I mean when I am into a certain job, I always see the other side. I think that this will be good or that will be good. It is always better on the other side even if I have job satisfaction.

In this story I am going to write about all my fickle mindedness and job hatches. When I was in college I was pretty serious in doing some extra work for pocket money. I did once.

The work promised me 500 rs but I got only 250rs. Why? I never found out. So, it was a bright sunny morning and I went to college. I passed the big banner which stands for nift, National Institute of Fashion Technology, kolkata. If you still dnt know that Calcutta has changed its name to Kolkata. I passed the banner and went inside the black college gate. I attended my classes. When I saw a senior pass by, he definitely shouted, “Hey madhulina,” I responded back to him, ” Hi, Kittu da”. He was talking with another girl of my class for some useful work offer for a day. I too got involved and got the offer a few days after. It was for the designer Raj shroff in Hyatt hotel. I considered volunteering for the job. It was about helping the designer with an exhibition held at Hotel Hyatt regency, Kolkata.

I passed through the lobby and asked the gateman for directions. “Where is the exhibition? ” He showed me the way. I entered the Hall and started finding the designer. I found him somehow, I don’t remember every detail of it. So, let’s start again. I found the designer and his stall. The pictures of that day just rose in my eyes. There was a stall for jewellery and shaina nc stall was there too. Yes, Shaina NC, a big saree designer and soon it was the designer Raj’s stall.

I saw the banner above my head and just there was the stall. ” Raj Shroff – Bangalore”. The stall had many pretty clothes in every colour and designs. I introduced myself, as you know introductions are very important. It can make or break a conversation.

I joined the designer in his stall and I worked the day showing customers the designs. The lovely clothes also triggered my imagination and I was quite done for the day. It was lunch time and we were offered food.🍕🍔🍕🍪🍞🍰🍱🍜

The designer told me to see the stall when he would go and eat his food. I was served a meal too. As I could not eat the meal because I had to see the stall, Raj Shroff laughed at me. He was back after lunch and he saw that I had placed the plate of food away. He asked why I did not have food. He was shocked at my not having food. He laughed and joked about it to his friend that I wasted Hyatt food, which is costly.

Later on I saw a woman in a nice backless blouse and saree. I liked everything about her dressing. She was the manager or celebrity, I didn’t know. She visited the stall, asked me various questions and moved on. I also saw another client come and go. The designer managed to sell a dress to a customer. I learnt a lot that day. Soon, a star was supposed to come and there was panic. The star celebrity, perhaps Mahima Chowdhury came and entered the jewellery stall. There were numerous gossips floating in the air. I caught one. I told here and there at home snd other people. O! We chatter boxes.

Never mind, there was another one day gone. I had fun too, saw another girl in another stall, I made friends, she wanted to see the designs. She saw the designs and changed into one. She asked me in the changing room how she looked, I told her she looked really nice. All this happened, I enjoyed my day. At the end of the day, I bid adieu to the designer and went back home in papa’s car.

A full day well spent. I was satisfied the next day too as I got the money. It was 250 rs. I think I ddnt get 500rs for my job. It was my first job and I had to give it to my grand father. It is a tradition to give first salary to the elder of the family.

I loved my money and the day well spent. I was proud of it too.

Thank you guys, happy reading!

Anand Gupta Couture- Then and Now!

“Indulge into a sartorial reverie with Anand Gupta Couture.

An intuitive design instinct, an erudition in red carpet & bridal gowns,

paved a way for our colossal presence in Italian, British & French fashion industries.

After a successful alliance with Tracey Boyd, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti,

Enrico Coveri, and D & G, under the label Pretty lady, we are resolute to set a strong foothold

in the Indian fashion Industry”.

These are the first lines that met my eyes when I started to write this blog post. I had emailed him about an interview for my blog so this is what I was given. Yes, he is a multi talented designer who works in fashion. His works stand out from Milan to India. Yes, you heard me right, from Milan to India, his journey has had a lot of ups and downs.

His first showroom in 2002 was in Milan, now he has a big showroom of 9000sq ft in Central Mumbai. There is no perfect story for anyone here! So, designer Anand G also had to cope with difficulties.

You will find lehengas, silks, embroidery and all in his showroom. He makes the most exquisite embroidered gowns in his sprawling boutique.

Anand was working as a real estate agent in New York from the office of a garment exporter. His love affair for fashion started then and till now he has been with it. He switched lanes and went to being a huge designer from then and now, he is selling out of his atelier.

He has had his hands on menswear too! But through trial and error, he is today a successful designer in menswear too. Mr. Anand opened his designer label Pretty Lady in Mumbai. He rose to greater heights until the riots of 1992, which led him to bankruptcy.

He went to Italy where, Stefano Scarpellini trained him as a designer, Edoardo Marini another designer whom the designer thinks of as a guru taught him pret and high end wear. He says, “

Edoardo Marini my guru took me under his wing and taught me the finer

points of real fashion. I made two collections, which he inspected for mistakes. After that I learnt that a garment’s quality starts from inside and patterns have to be technically perfect.”

Anand also worked in the atelier of Renato Balestra, created embroidered garments for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti in Roma, Enrico Coveri in Florence and D & G; then moved from high end prét to Diffusion and onto ready-to-wear couture line.

Anand G’s designs are very popular even in the London market.

The designer very candidly made garments for many celebrities and brides from India and abroad and has a lot under his belt.

His elbow length gloves had buyers ranging from Giorgio Armani, John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli and Naomi Harris, the Bond girl from The Sky fall.

Pretty Lady is one of the best brands in the market. This brand has a mix of two genres and is highly soughted after. Brides! run after this bridal label for more beautiful and coutured garments.

Happy reading!

My days in Purnia

My days in Purnia

My days in Purnia this time are numbered. I came for a few days but I cannot stay even for a week. My maternal grandfather is ill so my parents and I have to move to Dankuni back again. What to do? Memories of my childhood flush back and looks at me through my grown up face, there is a quiet yearn for my childhood days. My uncles and aunts whom we have missed come back as a storm in my memory. It is like a strong wave crashing through the shores. O! how I miss my old people. All my prayers go out for them.As I came to Purnia, my eyes searched the doors and gates of my neighbours, all known faces, some new, but all wonderful. We have such beautiful conversations here, all day from morning till night. Conversations of Swami Vivekananda, motivational talks and many guided conversations which are very healthy. My uncle has also come down from Jodhpur. He is also taking part in his business dealings and friendships here. I have friends here too, mostly married. Well, I’m not married yet, so pressure of not getting married, catches on. I need to stay focussed, but I love that my friends are married and have children too. Oh! I’m an aunt. How lucky! I love the way my friends veer the conversation about my life to a very positive space. It deals with specially economic independence which I don’t have. It’s all my doing. After leaving my job after 4 months in Chennai, I barely took to writing. Leaving my job was a Big mistake, Big, in capital letters.What to say now! After spending a few years of pondering, I opened my first blog at wordpress. It’s a helpful site. So, I’m still dealing with it. I’m taking one step at a time. Blogging has become my passion slowly and steadily. I love to write and mostly, my writings are targeted on fashion. So I know the nitty gritties of working in fashion journalism although I have no education in the field.

So, some hot tea greeted us at Purnia. Here, thankfully my internet is working. My house looked up at me and I felt taller than before, although my height stopped increasing a few years ago. That time doors seem to fit and buildings seemed smaller than before. It has happened to me. So, of all the positive conversations and visiting friends, I have become a little more happier than before. While writing this, my mind veered or diverted towards the song sung by Ed Sheeran, Happier. Nice song, silly people all happy. I end this chapter on a happy note this holi.Happy reading!Like

My Birthday

How about today? Today is a fine day and it happens to be my birthday. I am on my own today and writing this blog post. It would be a lie if I said that my parents forgot my birthday. They wished me in the morning, my relatives were wishing me throughout day and night, and friends and cousins after that. So, in these many wishes I came to know that I am loved and cared for. I am a little fatter than before, a little shy and ofcourse loved.

Sometimes I need to tackle problems that come on its own in my life. Boredom being the first. How I need friends here in Dankuni. Dankuni is a small place nearby Kolkata. I had got a job offer in Kolkata, but shifting was a problem, my parents were not happy and I didnot shift there. Nevertheless, I am happier now than before.

I am looking forward to cook these days. I tried cooking khichdi, it was tasty. I had cooked khichdi before too in Bangalore where I was writing. I had cooked it inorder to eat with my friends, it turned out really good and I had it licking my hands and fingers. If you are wondering if I licked my feet too, let me tell you that I don’t eat with my foot.

Hahahhaaa, never mind!

I had gone on a trip with my family to Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar and Goa. Lovely places to visit at this time of the year. I had bought some clothes and wore it there, it was a jumpsuit in maroon. I love the royalty it gives out. I also took a kurti with me, casually for some salwar days. I love to wear kurtis and salwar kameez, sari being my favourite. I don’t wear saree a lot. Oh, this year suddenly I wanted to be a part of beauty pageant, so I am giving myself a chance to be in a pageant. It is Opera miss india global beauty pageant or contest. I have registered and need to lose weight for it.

So, I have joined a gym here. First, it is free hand exercise and second, it is machines. Machines I cant operate now so, I do only free hands and come out. I have seen and made quite a few friends here in the gym. They are good and not older than me.

Now, what’s in a birthday, I am making friends this year.

I have quite a few resolutions this year. First is to lose weight as I have already told you earlier and to wear salwar kameez all the time. Second one I can break but the first one I will not.

I like loose fitting clothes and also good fitted clothes but tight ones are a no no.

So, I buy dresses too which are not very loose yet cling to the body nicely. And in this hot weather we really need to see things clearly in terms of clothes. Because it is going to be very hot. Summers cannot be cooler and only December is cold otherwise all are very hot and humid.

So, my grandmother is ill and I need to stay with her so, my dad is looking for reservations in train. I got to be busy by March as we are going to go to my granddad’s home in Purnia, Bihar.

So, adios my friends. Talk to you later on when I have better time in my hands.


2019’s book to read in 2020

In this story of Colson Whitehead, The Nickel boys, is a book where it deals with hauntedness. A school run by people where children saw graveyards and student’s bodies, it is a grim book. The students were raped and mutilated and tortured as written by Colson. He was inspired to write this book by seeing the Dozier school. It was a real life story where bodies of students were brought out alongwith a spine chilling story of boys being victims.

So, when Colson got to write a book, he thought of this particular haunting story to research and did it quite well.His book brought to life this real life story of boys being tortured to death. It brought out a lot of scariness among children’ s hostels and schools. There have in the past been such theories where hostels have been haunted. This is one of them.

My goodness, while searching for book reviews I nearly fainted, such a spine chilling review from New york times. Ofcourse, I didnot read the book but I certainly read the review. It is a good book to read brother.

Now, you might be telling me, which brother I am writing this post for? Yes, my brother from childhood whom I never forgot, Mr. Somayan Karmakar or Puchun as we call him. He gave me this idea of writing a book review on this particular topic. So, I wrote. Yes, bro if you can exist in this horror story then go ahead. I better stay clear of it. O and mostly, I never forgot about our hostel days where similar stories about ghosts did the rounds and yes, our hostel was haunted too. We could almost everytime hear stories from seniors about our school being haunted, footsteps being heard below in the dormitory, etc. Our Dowhill school was just like that, haunted!

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