Get Rs. 20 off on Nua Pads!

Get Rs.20 off on Nua pads by using promocode MADHULINA20. It is valid for 2 packs and first time orders and not available on subscription.

So, how to get the Rs. 20 off? You only have to use this promo code MADHULINA20 on your first order of upto 2packs on the site and avail the discount.

While I opened my first nua pad today, i saw a large pad coming out of the nicely shaped, clean paper bag. I thought for a while that did i make a mistake in buying this large pad with four wings? Then as I put it on, it was very soft and gave me a rash free skin unlike other brands in the market.

There are other types of pads in nua which are available in 3 sizes. First is for heavy flow, second is for medium flow and the third is for lesser flow. So, what I did was buy the first one for heavy flows. I didin’t understand the first time that it is not for my periods. Because the pad is too big for me. As it was for the first time, I didnt know which one to choose. So, I chose the heavier flow pad. Next time, I am sure I will choose the medium flow one to suit my flow.

And there is another thing with nua packs, you are allowed to fill the pack with 12 pads which is a minimum and also the maximum. So, fill it up with 3 types of pads that are available and enjoy the difference. And please do not forget to put the promo code while shopping for nua pad from

Oh yes, and it has a beautiful fragrance to it too! So, when I compared my nua pad with the other pads available in the market, I was surprised to find that nua pads are much better than them.

Now, I swear by nua.

Thank you. Happy reading!

What is Nua?

Yes, So, I bought this Nua pack of 12 pads at Rs. 200. Yes, you heard it right, it is a pad. When you have periods, it is a healthy way of saying that you are a woman. So, I always acknowledge the fact that I have it and I talk about it. By talking about periods we think that we have solutions to most problems of life, specially, periods.

There is this company called Nua which makes pads in three sizes for heavy flow, medium flow and light flow. You need to buy a pack of 12 pads from the website

I vouch for this Nua pad because it is good and has better capacity of holding you in those days. Customize your pack, quantity and delivery frequency with no compromises, and no complications. It is a good way of saying bye to rashes and uncomfort and yes to soft, rash free comfortable skin.

“Set up your Nua subscription in just two easy steps. Share your period details with us and say good-bye to last minute troubles. Your custom Nua pack will be delivered to you, regularly, as per your chosen frequency. You can skip or pause your subscription at any moment. Or you can buy as you go with our one-time purchases.”–Nuawoman

I will always recommend nuawoman because it is very good and soft. They are ultra thin pads for every woman. It is my choice. Is it yours too?

Then mail me at,

“Ultra thin pads with wings

12 pads | Starts at ₹ 169*
* Inclusive of individual disposal covers and customisation. Free home delivery. Rash free sanitary pads with wider backs and disposal covers for a hassle-free and rash-free period experience.

Build your custom pack based on your flow.

I have never felt so easy after wearing a Nua pad. It is super thin and comfortable. I love Nua and I hope that you do too!

Thank you for reading!

ICC World Cup at Kenilworth in Calcutta

ICC World cup will get the better of you and you would want to sip at one of the best hotels in town. We choose this hotel for you called the Kenilworth in 1 and 2 russell street. Okay. So you will have to wet your tongue with this Bacardi and some chicken at the restaurant by watching your favourite cricket.

Kenilworth’s sheesh kababs are the best in Kolkata, previously called Calcutta. After a change in the government, a change in the names of places and our capital city also took place. We love how Calcutta became Kolkata, but our very own Calcutta too was fine. We love our heritage and we love its ambience too. Our city of gold stands in front of us, our heritage also is our property and our property is Calcutta, its absence from its culture will never be worthwhile for us. So, we are all Calcuttans.

Cocktails at only 600rs. will not only make you go round in pleasure and happiness but also bring a spin on your head. From Defending champion cocktail is a mix of: white rum, fresh mango, mint and a hint of vanilla. Similarly bleed blue has tequila, sambuca, blue caracua, with sweet and sour mix.

Purplle- The Joy Store

I have found the best face pack in the world which perfectly suits my skin and that is from Lotus Herbals. I never thought that Lotus would make such a great product for me. I am totally loving my face routine now. The fragrant scrub, the facepack and the souffle totally refreshes my skin. I love how it works for me.

This wonderful pack of five last a month. Use wisely and you get a lot of good things for your skin. It is definitely my joy store. I love my skin as it exudes freshness and is squeaky clean after the process.

How I love this pack of Ikkai face products from Lotus Herbals. It is perfect for my skin and I owe it to Lotus for making my skin glow from time to time.

Now, for the WetnWild pink lipgloss, it is beutifully clear pink gloss and I can pout in them sexily. I love this clear gloss because it makes my lips go naturally plump. It is not very costly, starting at Rs. 149.

What’s this? A nivea lip care lip crayon in various colours? I love it. O! how I love this red lip crayon from Nivea. It is upgrading its products and it totally suits my lips. I bought a fuchsia pink lip crayon, I could not find the picture on the net, What I found on Purplle, my joy store because you you get this ikkai Lotus Herbals face products only on this website, I put this picture of pop red nivea lip crayon on my blog. I couldnot find my pink nivea lip crayon picture on the net.

Last, but not the least, I found the perfect face mist on Purplle. It is very apt to say that after using the face pack and scrub and the souffle, what I need is a finishing rose face mist for my skin. It is a finishing product. It is not chemically made but has the essence of pure rose. I absolutely love my purchases from this skincare website. It gives me everything from lipcare to skin care.

Thank you Purplle! Happy reading!

Father’s Day special At Kenilworth Kolkata

It is 1&2, Little Russell Street, Kolkata- 71, and father’s day is celebrated at Aromas, their speciality restaurant. Aromas is celebrating Father’s day brunch at Kenilworth hotel and the menu is scrumptuous.

The sounds of laughter peel the air. Fashion changes with the seasons but these cuisines will always be remembered with a bite of hunger as our father’s are given a special treat on the Father’s day.

The menu is vast, from Corn fed chicken, vegetable tagliatelle and garlic mash drizzled cranberry juice, Hyderabadi mutton biriyani, mirch ka salan, live Mongolian pasta and sushi, Paneer latika, green curry with aromatic thai herbs with local exotic vegetables to desserts like dessert jars, assorted macaroons, profiteroles, mango cheese cake, and chocolate pearls.

Date: 16th june.

Time: 12pm to 4pm.

Pocket pinch: Rs. 1500 plus taxes.

We at Kenilworth are happy to announce that your Father’s day will bring not only a cheer to your father’s face but also bring a smile on yours too.

Thank you and Happy Reading!

The X Factor in Fashion

This picture spells a lot about fashion and the x factor we all are looking for. This picture has everything from fashion, this beautiful girl looks best in it. From wearing a scarf to holding fashionable sunglasses and the famous red pout. The mould of the scarf is too good, the scarf is worn over her head and tied around her neck.

How to be like her:

I have often wondered whether it is going to work on me. I have seen fashion pictures a lot and trying different styles is a must. Now in this picture there is a printed scarf, a pair of fashionable sunglasses and the red lipstick.

  • Buy a printed scarf from anywhere. Buy a bright coloured one. Wear it like the picture above.
  • The red lipstick is a must.

This picture has ethnicity in it, it shows a different culture, a fashion figure in itself. The head scarf is worn like a turban. It looks good on the lady who is wearing it. This picture has african accents.

I love these two pictures very much. So, I took the pictures from the internet and posted it with words. They are beautiful and I love them.

The Shadow

Sitting on a chair in the verandah of her house, her eyes met with a seashell necklace that her lover had made sometime back. Oh! how pretty it was. It felt like an oasis in the desert. Her arms stretching to get the necklace which was thrown away on the ground when they made love. It was passionate, and very easy to confirm that they were in love.

It was dark and she knew nothing until she saw a man on the street of Goa, smoking a cigarette. Far away from her, she could only see a silhouette of the man and the smoke from his cigarette.

Her mind was engrossed in the thought of her love when the silhouette moved. The smoke got deeper from his cigarette. Thoughts of her lover filled her mind slowly increasing with the want of wearing the necklace again. It was very beautiful with red stones attached to it, and she loved the sea shells in it too.

The mind got deeper and her thoughts were barrier to the man whom she couldn’t see on the streets. The back of the man became visible to her when she looked on the street below. He turned away from her. The man in the street was shadowed by the house he kept looking at.

The girl concentrated on the thoughts of her charming lover, who was nearly choked by her kisses in the evening. The shadow of the man came closer to her when the girl picked up the necklace and wore it on her slender neck.

Her thoughts revolved around how they would meet again. How she would touch his lips and kiss him again. The man and the the darkness around him had a duel. They fought each other till he suddenly started moving forward towards her. The girl did not see the man coming from the other side of the lane.

She thought the lover stood around somewhere with his arms open and she would lay her palms around his chest. He would hold her and see her rest her soul, snuggling in his chest for a while till his sweater felt the ease.

The man in the street came close to her house when she betrayed her thoughts and looked at the man in front of her. The darkness and the smoke of the cigarette grew close and closer to her. He started drawing deeper and deeper from the cigarette. He knew why he was around. His silhouette had turned into a shadow now. His legs kept moving forward and he knew it was what he had come for.

Donuts Here!

How old are you? Old enough to taste donuts! Yes, if you revive this old classic as a dessert then you are half way done with your summer. Have donuts when you are summer hungry.

They say donuts are sweeter than melons. Yes, it is sure fire. If you move a long way down the lane, you will have your mouth full of donut. It is chocolaty and it is fun.

My sweet tooth takes me to my search for donuts around calcutta. It is immeasurable pleasure to see and have donuts. Last time I had a donut and it was in Bangalore. Oh how sweet it was.

You are too attached to your sweet tooth and you know how to find your favourite sweet. Donuts are made with dough and the bread has some good things on themselves. It is sweet.

Donuts have different colours on them, from chocolate basics to cream filled fun, it is always good to look at. My mouth watering donut came from Dunkin Donuts. They are hugely successful brand for donuts.

Be lucky and have a donut!

It spells Summer- Hugo Boss

It is summer in Hugo Boss office and I have to write about how and what summer dresses are available. It is good to watch a good summer dress and be satisfied with it.

It is good that we follow the summer code which is light and breezy fabrics and staying away for wool or heavy knits. Soft knits in bright colours and flowery prints take over the ramp. Hugo boss is a supreme brand in office wear and as summer has approached, we are glad to know that the brand is good.

Asymmetrical dresses are in this summer. Pay attention to details. A beautiful blue asymmetric dress for the summer is good so is a knitted blue dress. It is casual and comfortable.

The summer spells cool with these dresses which are soft and appropriate for office wear. In summer we need to cool our bodies. So, linen and cotton and light knits are the only way to do it.

A cool breezy fabric and clean silhouettes are good for wear. I particularly love tshirt dresses for summer but as this article is for Hugo boss summer dresses, we need to clear this air around tshirt dresses which we cannot wear in office.

I am very convinced that a scarf, heels and a bag is all you need as accessories for the summer. A scarf can change your look, look at the picture above. I love how a scarf changes your look from day to night. Wear a soft dress and put a scarf for the night. After office hours look at your dress and wear your scarf on the neck as showed in the picture.

We are allowed a little bit of fun in the office so you can also wear a comfortable jumpsuit in the office. It is good to wear a scarf with it. Tie it around your neck and see fun happening in this office.

Have fun! It is office time!

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